Zečevo – Rogoznica


Zečevo is a village with an ancient history. In the costal area between Zadar and Split during the 9 th and 11 th century, newly migrant family assimilated with the locals. Due to its well-positioned geographic location, the village, at that time, was much larger than it is today.

It has retained its old-world charm with authentic stone houses, some of which are over 300 years old. Large stone blocks and geometric configurations pursued us to better understand our ancestry.

Today in Croatia, Zečevo has been exclusively oriented towards tourism. It remains isolated, quiet and untouched allowing for a restful and peaceful vacation.

Destinations such as this jewel and the type of holiday it permits – without city noise and mass tourism have been attracting people that like to enjoy their vacation in a stress-free manor. However, if you should like to have a little city life in your vacation, then the heart of Primošten is a mere 5 kilometers away! Primošten is a well known tourist destination with many bars, clubs, and sporting activities, such as tennis, volleyball, etc.